moving montana outdoor recreation forward


There is no better place to be on this planet than the Great State of Montana.  

We believe that so strongly that we are creating this event just to bring adventurers here in order to introduce them to the people and places that make Montana a great state to visit and live.  

We’re confident that after a couple of days, you’ll not only fall in love with Montana, but you leave empowered to explore the state in ways you would have never before attempted.

You’ll get ideas on places to visit, you’ll make friends to spend time with along the journey and you’ll know how to safely explore the vast remoteness of the Treasure State.

RecCon Montana is organized by the Montana Outdoors Foundation, a Missoula based non-profit focused on advocating for outdoor recreation opportunities, adventure, exploration and travel in Montana. They believe stewardship and conservation are crucial to preserving the legacy of adventure and exploration within this great state so that future generations are able to discover the remote and beautiful public lands that make Montana special.

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